Feature Item: Thank You Cards


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5 x Hand pulled Screen Printed Cards with envelopes 
Outside Design: Metallic Triangle "Thank You"
Inside Design: Blank 

  • Size: A2 (4.25in x 5.5 in) fold over card 
  • Ink: Multicolor Acrylic - Metallic Gold and Metallic Bronze. Split Fountain Technique 
  • Paper: Basis Navy 80# Cover 
  • Envelopes: Smooth white A2 envelopes  

Screen printing is a hand craft! Each card is different. 

Sounds (for) good

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At our last electronic recycling run, we properly disposed of 375 pounds of electronics. While this may not sound like a lot, this number reflects the amount  of e-waste that remained after sorting out all recyclable packaging  materials.

It also pales in comparison to the  thousands of refurbished electronics that been have sold and donated to  support our mission and the environment!

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