Transistion interns

Special Products works with educators, social workers, parents, and volunteers to create opportunities for trainees to gain practical job skills and real life work experience. Each trainee's responsibilities and daily tasks are different base on ability, interest, and future goals.

Work experiences include

Preparing orders for shipment • Inspecting and testing products for quality control • Sorting and recycling excess materials • Maintaining products and inventory in retail spaces
 • Assisting customers and answering questions 
• Completing sales transactions 
• Operating manual silk screen press 
• Managing inventory 
• Assembling and packaging orders

College Interns

Special Products offers semester and summer internships for college students to gain experience and make a impact on our business. No coffee runs here! We’re particularly looking for applicants with interest in business development, communications and marketing, graphic design, warehouse management and production.

Past internships include

Screen Printing • Graphic Design • Communications • Production • Social Media Marketing • E-commerce and Online Retail Development • Education • Event Planning and Community Outreach


There are many ways to donate your time at Special Products including working along side with trainees, off site events and outreach, as well developing special projects that align with our mission. 

Inquire about current openings

5600 Memorial Ave N, Suite 1, Stillwater, Minnesota 55082, United States

(651) 342-8242


Looking for full-time? While Special Products doesn’t currently have positions at this level, there are many disability service organizations that are always looking to hire. 

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